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Why do I keep going to Pondicherry?

You must have come across my views about Pondicherry in Pichavaram post. So, you already know that I am not so amazed by the place. But, you know what? In spite of not finding it very impressive, I keep landing to this tiny territory again and again! Why?? When I read posts about Pondicherry or see instapics… Continue reading Why do I keep going to Pondicherry?

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I was sitting next to him,resting by a big rock tightly holding his hand. No, it was not a romantic gesture,I was feeling  too cold, temperature dropping to around 12-15 degrees. I was adamant on staying in a camp while we were planning trek but we didn’t get it due to weekend rush. They say everything happens… Continue reading Triund

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Land of Lama

‘Land of lama’, ‘Mini Tibet’,’Little Lhasa’,’Mc Lo’is how  Mc Leod Ganj is known to people. Mc Lo is hardly 5 kms from Dharmshala, a hill station in kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. It’s totally evident why the place gives the feel of Tibet. The shopkeepers, hotel staff, restaurant owners, street stuff sellers, cab drivers,monks everybody around… Continue reading Land of Lama

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This post is part II of Greetings from Greece. Mykonos was the second island we went to when in Greece. By the way, it’s pronounced as mee-ko-nos 🙂 Mykonos is not too far from Santorini  and small high speed jet ferries travel  between 2 islands. We opted for Sea jet ferry and to be safe… Continue reading Mykonos

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Greetings from Greece

It’s been a year and I have been postponing to write about our first together trip abroad. How procrastinating a person can be! Well, thanks to my plan for a month, at least I am able to complete my pending posts. 🙂 So, before memories fade away and I lose my notes made while planning… Continue reading Greetings from Greece

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Har ghar kuch kehta hai

We moved to Chennai just after the wedding. My husband moved a week before me and had rented a 2BHK apartment. When I first came to our home, a year ago, all we had was a double mattress and single pillow. It was an empty flat still I was in love with place as soon as… Continue reading Har ghar kuch kehta hai

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From the movie buff’s closet

Yes! I am a proud movie buff, specialized in Bollywood. My life revolves around the latest releases, upcoming directors, who is the singer or who is the lyricist and if not all that, then ask me which actor is vacationing where and I will have an answer 😉  In short, I am fascinated to know about the process… Continue reading From the movie buff’s closet

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New laws of Life

This post is dedicated to all the stereotypical Indian families with narrow-minded  or a little open-minded or complete orthodox mentality. I totally understand the path to successful life according to YOU School -> College -> Job -> Marriage -> Baby -> House  or House first then Baby then repeat! Baby’s School -> Baby’s College -> Baby’s… Continue reading New laws of Life


Get up and get going!

What do you do during those “days ” of the month? The question is for everybody and not just girls 😉 We all have dull, sad, gloomy or sometimes real tough days  and not always hormones are to be blamed, right ?  So, how do you tackle such days? Monday blues are common and I think… Continue reading Get up and get going!

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Have plan, will Travel!

What’s more interesting about the vacation than the destination ?  For most of you it will be the  company you are going with, may be the shopping before and during the trip or may be photography bit of it. For me , it’s the planning! We have been planning our trips from day 1. Be… Continue reading Have plan, will Travel!