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Why homestays?

Recently, I came across a post by Shivya Nath, a well known travel blogger wherein she talks about power of travel to change us. We keep saying how travelling to new places changes us, it widens our horizons, helps us to become broad minded etc etc. Does it really happen? I have seen so many… Continue reading Why homestays?

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This post is part II of Greetings from Greece. Mykonos was the second island we went to when in Greece. By the way, it’s pronounced as mee-ko-nos 🙂 Mykonos is not too far from Santorini  and small high speed jet ferries travel  between 2 islands. We opted for Sea jet ferry and to be safe… Continue reading Mykonos

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Greetings from Greece

It’s been a year and I have been postponing to write about our first together trip abroad. How procrastinating a person can be! Well, thanks to my plan for a month, at least I am able to complete my pending posts. 🙂 So, before memories fade away and I lose my notes made while planning… Continue reading Greetings from Greece

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Have plan, will Travel!

What’s more interesting about the vacation than the destination ?  For most of you it will be the  company you are going with, may be the shopping before and during the trip or may be photography bit of it. For me , it’s the planning! We have been planning our trips from day 1. Be… Continue reading Have plan, will Travel!

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As a new day starts, you welcome a day by not opening your palms and chanting ‘karagre vasate’ (a Sanskrit shlok) but by a touch on the ‘f’ icon on the phone. A few scrolls down or may be a scroll down on timeline and you come across posts like, “10 places to visit before… Continue reading Vagabonding