Look back 2016

December 2016! It’s that time of the year when you pause for a while and look back at the year gone by. Time to go through the resolutions made for the year, to be happy for what is achieved and to be sad for what is yet to be achieved and also to feel irritated… Continue reading Look back 2016

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Theory of new birth

Everyone keeps talking about having a baby, taking a chance ..are you trying.. Oh! still no news, consult a doctor yaa.. blah blah blah.Be it your parents, in-laws, relatives, friends you know, people you don’t know, I get a piece of advice about it from every corner of the world around me. But, nobody talks… Continue reading Theory of new birth

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Har ghar kuch kehta hai

We moved to Chennai just after the wedding. My husband moved a week before me and had rented a 2BHK apartment. When I first came to our home, a year ago, all we had was a double mattress and single pillow. It was an empty flat still I was in love with place as soon as… Continue reading Har ghar kuch kehta hai

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New laws of Life

This post is dedicated to all the stereotypical Indian families with narrow-minded  or a little open-minded or complete orthodox mentality. I totally understand the path to successful life according to YOU School -> College -> Job -> Marriage -> Baby -> House  or House first then Baby then repeat! Baby’s School -> Baby’s College -> Baby’s… Continue reading New laws of Life


Get up and get going!

What do you do during those “days ” of the month? The question is for everybody and not just girls 😉 We all have dull, sad, gloomy or sometimes real tough days  and not always hormones are to be blamed, right ?  So, how do you tackle such days? Monday blues are common and I think… Continue reading Get up and get going!

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My plan for a month

Recently, I came across  a post by Andrea Wakim on medium where she narrates her experience of writing everyday. She got inspired from Jonas Ellison and I got inspired from her. 🙂 There were so many places in the post where I could relate to both of them. Like me, you must also be wondering , “Why”? What’s the… Continue reading My plan for a month


Live and let live!

  It all started with my friends buying homes. We are not even in our 30s and thanks to big fat salaries, onsite opportunities and of course parents’ support guys and gals are taking a leap in life. They are able to enjoy achievements which our parents experienced in late 30s or 40s. I remember… Continue reading Live and let live!


What every girl needs to know

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I came across this letter shared online,  and I believe with all my heart that women should get the message ingrained into themselves.  Long-standing patriarchy and the media make women believe they are not as awesome as they are, and that they need to work hard…