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Greetings from Greece

It’s been a year and I have been postponing to write about our first together trip abroad. How procrastinating a person can be! Well, thanks to my plan for a month, at least I am able to complete my pending posts. 🙂 So, before memories fade away and I lose my notes made while planning… Continue reading Greetings from Greece

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Tea gardens and much more!

When we were planning the trip to Munnar, I knew that, I would come back and write a post about it. It has been a major driving force for my travels these days. It feels great going back in time with words. So, this time as well, I knew it would happen. However, I thought, I would… Continue reading Tea gardens and much more!

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Pune food book

After my recent blog, How I miss Pune, I got pings from many of my friends. Everyone reminded me about a place where we had some really foody fond memories.  I myself was a little surprised when I realized that I have missed those places. So, here I go again with a new list of oldies… Continue reading Pune food book