In my kitchen

I dedicate today’s post to the newbies in cooking, to working women who have to attend s invited ,wanted or sometimes unexpected /uninvited guests on weekdays and to one and all who want to spend time wisely in kitchen. I am not a pro in this field and my tips might come as common techniques… Continue reading In my kitchen

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13 tips to trick you into healthy eating habits

So without rambling on any unrelated stuff, I will get directly to the point. 28th birthday gave me a reality check that I am getting old and its high time that health should be the utmost priority. Career, money, relationships,travel will all take its course of time to turn into the way I want it… Continue reading 13 tips to trick you into healthy eating habits

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Chennai Diaries II

We, as a couple, have now accepted the fact that how much ever we want to be fit, avoid outside eating and save money, we can’t spare hoteling. It’s not only about fancy food but it’s the experience! The thrill of trying something new, expecting the unexpected, learning from the disappointments and of course, interesting… Continue reading Chennai Diaries II

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Pune food book

After my recent blog, How I miss Pune, I got pings from many of my friends. Everyone reminded me about a place where we had some really foody fond memories.  I myself was a little surprised when I realized that I have missed those places. So, here I go again with a new list of oldies… Continue reading Pune food book

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How I miss Pune!

Oh Yes! I do miss Pune for like infinite reasons. Top 3 being friends, weather and food! As much as I enjoy exploring food joints, cuisines, restaurants, I miss Pune – My Food Bhumi. I was more of a “Mein maa k hath ka hi khana khati hu” type of girl back in hometown. Of… Continue reading How I miss Pune!