In my kitchen

I dedicate today’s post to the newbies in cooking, to working women who have to attend s invited ,wanted or sometimes unexpected /uninvited guests on weekdays and to one and all who want to spend time wisely in kitchen. I am not a pro in this field and my tips might come as common techniques… Continue reading In my kitchen

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For the exclusive traveler

For the first time since I started writing travelogues publicly, I was hesitant to share about one of my trips. First, because the places I had been to were so beautiful mainly because they are untouched. Untouched by commercialization,by chain of roadside  restaurants or cafes or shops and then the crowd and of course the garbage which… Continue reading For the exclusive traveler

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Miles to run before I sleep

“Run Pallu , run. ‘Brisk walking’ as you call it is not doing any good. You are not some retired person  not to be able to run.” My friend has kept on bugging me for a few years now.  My usual response has always  remained the same,” I can’t. I just can’t run. I can… Continue reading Miles to run before I sleep


Bangalore Diaries

6 months in the city and I find myself eligible to write a post on Bangalore. I have so much to share and hence you might feel this post is a random blabber in a coffee shop. Anyways, so I was not new to Bangalore. My then boyfriend and now husband did MBA here so… Continue reading Bangalore Diaries


Look back 2016

December 2016! It’s that time of the year when you pause for a while and look back at the year gone by. Time to go through the resolutions made for the year, to be happy for what is achieved and to be sad for what is yet to be achieved and also to feel irritated… Continue reading Look back 2016

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Theory of new birth

Everyone keeps talking about having a baby, taking a chance ..are you trying.. Oh! still no news, consult a doctor yaa.. blah blah blah.Be it your parents, in-laws, relatives, friends you know, people you don’t know, I get a piece of advice about it from every corner of the world around me. But, nobody talks… Continue reading Theory of new birth

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It’s the sandstone which fascinated me to plan a trip to Badami. The ‘Badami’ (almondish) color of the sandstone led to its name- Badami. I am not a history fanatic or a bear a keen interest in carvings etc but the overall landscape of the destination looked promising. Plus, it was just 139km  from Hampi so… Continue reading Badami

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Since the day we started the trip till today- when it’s been 4 days that we are back- I kept thinking about the start of this post. I wanted it to be interesting or a little funny, basically something different than my usual style. I am afraid, I couldn’t come with anything intriguing. So, I… Continue reading Hampi


That’s what I will miss about Chennai!

Hello lovely readers! It’s been a month for me to be away from Mon Odysseys and you all. I missed you too 🙂 But I had good enough reasons to do so and don’t worry I will be coming up with some interesting posts soon. So, though you hardly had any updates from me ,… Continue reading That’s what I will miss about Chennai!

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13 tips to trick you into healthy eating habits

So without rambling on any unrelated stuff, I will get directly to the point. 28th birthday gave me a reality check that I am getting old and its high time that health should be the utmost priority. Career, money, relationships,travel will all take its course of time to turn into the way I want it… Continue reading 13 tips to trick you into healthy eating habits