I am an engineer by qualification and now software professional. People say to kill boredom in a job, best way is to do what you love. Well! I am not one of those lucky people. I am in No love No hate relationship with my job. No love – Because, I feel I can do better with my life. I can be more creative and can utilize my skills in a better way. No hate – because, how much ever monotonous the job is, it still maintains my bank balance and gives me luxury to travel, shop and learn! 🙂

Now, why blogging?

Do you remember Dumbledore’s theory in Harry Potter movie? Dumbledore could save memory in the small bottles and whenever he wanted to remember any event or thought; he would just open the bottle and go back to that day. I wish to use this space for the very same reason. I just want to be able to go back to my memories – how much ever significant or insignificant they may be.

I have been an on-off blogger. I started with travelogues few years ago but did not continue. I was and am a traveller by nature. I have enjoyed trekking as much as I enjoy luxury travels. As long as I am out of the house and hitting a new place, I don’t mind if I stay in tent or under the stars or a five star hotel.

With surroundings,social circle changing around me (and years passing by in married life) my interest is not limited to ‘only’ travelling anymore.  I have become explorer now and trying to explore what excites me. So, you will find posts on many more topics apart from travelogues in this blog.

This is my that space where I shed my inhibitions and am least bothered about what people will think about my views or my opinions.This is my happy place.

To cut the story short, I am here to share my experiences related to everything that comes under my radar. Everything that I feel need to be shared or should be made note of or could be useful to you will be found in this space 🙂

Also, be ready to come across the random pondering!

Hope to meet some like-minded people while exchanging stories!

Happy Reading!!!

Pallavi Washivale


p.s: After exploring traditions, food culture, shopping places and destinations around Chennai, we have recently shifted to Bangalore.


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