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Le plaisir


Yes, after long! Today I am going to tell you what kept me busy for all these days  and that in turn will answer “the most asked question” to me.

So, I have been learning French since last 6 months on every weekend. With husband to feed, house to take care of and be not so irresponsible lady of the house, I could not find time to write a post. Though there have been so many incidents where I wanted  to comment, share my opinions or show you all something, I just could not. I was more focused on justifying the 8 hours I spent in French class.

Today, after a long I am at peace. Away from hectic routine, hustle bustle of the city, relaxing in an AirBnb stay at Goa , listening to Peacock’s meowing, bird’s chirping  and enjoying the rains, I could not any more postpone my urge to write. 🙂

Haan! well “the most asked question” these days is ,”Why do you learn French”?, ” How do you manage spending so much time on weekends?, “Then toh you won’t be getting any weekend no” ,” Is it of any use”?, “Is it going to help you in job”? ,”How much is the fees”,”Too costly huh!” etc etc.

One thing at a time. French was introduced to me by a college friend in engineering. Through her I could sense the feeling of learning a foreign language. Also, how it can open your door to immense opportunities abroad. May be because of her, I never was fascinated by any other foreign language. When I started to explore the language, I liked the feel and sound of it and then never bothered to explore pros and cons of French as a language.

Now , if I go back in time, as far as I could remember, I always had love for languages. As a student, Marathi (my mother tongue) was the subject I enjoyed studying. I enjoyed learning grammar. It could be because of my teacher or the love for literature at my home. My aunt used to read a lot of Marathi literature. Dad did not read much but had a lot of knowledge about the authors and their work. My grandfather gave me a set of autobiographies (I guess about 50 books- 100 pages each) in summer and my only goal of the vacation was to read it before the school starts. Va. Pu.Kale , Pu. La. Deshpande, Ratnakar Matkari were my favorite authors at the age of 14-15. Therefore, I feel the love for languages was embedded within me since a long time.

My dad taught me English language. That was my first encounter with a foreign language. 🙂 While taking our pet to stroll at night , I learnt A..Z, at the age of 11. I still remember he gave me a Rs.100/- note when I spelled his name correctly. I was shifted to English language school from Marathi medium school in 5th std. Thanks to the “need” of English in current times. To get the proper training in the language, he put me into Spoken English Class. I give complete credit to our teacher there, Mrs. Bagchi, for inculcating an interest in English language. She had a small one rack library and I used to borrow a book everyday. The course was 1 year long and did not only teach me the language but also trained me for public speaking and group discussions. And then, English did not seem so foreign 🙂

Let me put it this way, when you are in late twenties with a little idea of what your life is going to be, you need to look back and search for your calling. The married life, corporate life and the salary packages coming with that are not going to change. So, take a pause and get back to what gave you most happiness when you were young. For me, I thought it could be learning a foreign language and I was right.

With 6 months gone and one level completed, I can certainly say that. Learning French has not only taught me the syllables, grammar or phonetics but also introduced me to a different culture.  Every time I am in a class, I feel like I am a tourist in France. I am THIS close to the people there. Sometimes, you feel humans everywhere are same, sometimes you find them alien. Like travelling , learning french has been an enlightening experience. I learn new vocabulary over weekends and then, like a kid, try to use it every where. It’s those 6 hours each weekend which let me forget the uninteresting routine all through the week and make me believe that I am doing something productive, something worthwhile.

I do enjoy watching French movies now. It’s fun to be a grammar Nazi and correct pronunciations of people who pronounce french words incorrectly. 😉 The biggest perk is the people I get to meet in class. For a while, I think beyond the usual circle around me and see new people from different backgrounds, domain having a common goal. There is no competition in the class, there is only one thought of helping each other and having fun. Everyone coming there has loads of responsibilities to take care of and yet  take out  time to learn a new thing. That’s a huge deal!

I cannot complete the post without mentioning the teacher at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, where I go to learn. If he wasn’t there to encourage us to read more, listen to french music more, we wouldn’t be so charged up to continue learning. It’s his zest for the language which motivates us to take efforts to read , write, speak and “think” in french.

It’s altogether a different world and I cannot more justify why am I learning it. A.It’s fun B.I have finally got some goal to achieve which I feel is doable unlike weight loss 😛

I don’t care if it is going to help me in future or not and I don’t care if I am going to be an expert in it or not. All I know is it gives me pleasure today.  Neither am I buying unnecessary things nor I am stuffing  me with calories so  no, it doesn’t at all feel like waste of money. I am glad my partner encourages me to learn and helps me manage home when I am overburdened. My mom is happy she can nag me with “please study well Pallu” and gets tensed when I have french exams. So, things are going smoother in my life than it seems.

I am happy with the change.


I have digressed a lot today and have written quite a lengthy post. That’s what happens when I skip things. Point taken!

Hope you enjoy reading it.

à bientôt ❤


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