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Miles to run before I sleep

Run Pallu , run. ‘Brisk walking’ as you call it is not doing any good. You are not some retired person  not to be able to run.” My friend has kept on bugging me for a few years now.  My usual response has always  remained the same,” I can’t. I just can’t run. I can walk how  much ever you want but running seems impossible for me.” I always thought that my body is not made for running. I used to console myself  by  thinking that not everyone can do everything and it’s okay if I cannot do it. But, deep down I always had the inferiority complex -‘why can’t I do it’. I can hike, walk then why can’t I run!

Today, after regularly running for 4 1/2 weeks (2 more workouts left in 5 weeks training program) , I can proudly say that ‘not running’ was nothing but a mental block.  🙂 🙂

It all started in December when one day I got a brief lecture from my fitness freak friend. I had only about a  week to be as lazy as I wanted, but then there were to be no excuses for not working out.

I had tried Zumba for 2 months , out of which I would have gone ..I guess.. for a month. Despite a good trainer coupled with my love for dance, I wasn’t regular at it. So, I had discarded  Zumba from my list. Somehow I like to workout in open air or at least I should get a view of sky or trees. Closed A.C. gyms with a view of road traffic is definitely not my choice.

Then, I zeroed down to running! To give a try to my distant dream. Discussed with few friends who are into this business and chose Beginners running program from Nike+Run club app.

First few days were difficult as body is not accustomed to the physical activity. Also, I had to understand the technique and posture to be maintained while running. This is the time when experienced runners come to your rescue. Thanks to my friends who already had gone through beginner’s issues, I had escaped the research part of ‘how to run right’ and just followed the tips to overcome the leg pain.

The program is designed  to be customized according to the pace and distance of the runner. I used to look forward to every day of the program. I actually experienced what runners usually say- the competition is not with the fellow runner but with yourself. My goal each day was not to beat my partner in crime (my husband) but to beat my previous record, to do better than yesterday. Be it in terms of pace or distance!

This time my primary aim was not to lose weight or feel fit or even run but to be regular at what I have started to do. I had tried multiple activities before and I always looked for an excuse not to do it. If I have to miss Zumba class because of an extra hour in office or guests coming over or some dinner plans,I secretly felt happy about missing the class. I used to be like, ” It’s not my fault. blah blah blah happened so I could not go”. I never made any attempt to compensate the missed class or plan my workout accordingly.

Now, I do.

I feel terribly bad if I cannot go for a run.I felt restless on rest days for not being on the track. Honestly, I did not miss any activity in the plan for a single day for stupid reasons like, ‘ I am not in mood’,’ I want to sleep’ or ‘guests coming over’. I did take a day or two off because of the knee pain and that too was as advised by my runner friends- to not stress knee when in pain. If I could not go for a run in the morning, I went in evening. If I was unable to run, I walked.I made effort to step out of the house and dedicate ‘that’one hour every day for myself.

And trust me, I did not put much of mental efforts to be such a dedicated runner. It all happened organically. I never did anything against my wish. I think it is the activity itself which inculcates discipline in you. May be it was the smart app or the company I go to park with or the weather, but it all happened naturally. To be competent and to see ‘what next today’ kicked me out of the bed.

I have not lost any weight yet, neither I would call myself fully fit nor there is any visible difference in me but now, I can surely say that I run. I do. Running to me is very liberating and I am happily addicted to it.

More stories regarding my new found love in upcoming posts.

Stay tuned!


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