Bangalore Diaries

6 months in the city and I find myself eligible to write a post on Bangalore. I have so much to share and hence you might feel this post is a random blabber in a coffee shop.

Anyways, so I was not new to Bangalore. My then boyfriend and now husband did MBA here so I was a frequent visitor to the city (or should I say frequent flyer 😉 ) . The first visit to city and I was happy with the weather. It’s always winter here, especially feels like it for someone who is born and brought up in the dry weather of Aurangabad. The weather is pleasant for most time of the year and it’s definitely a plus! When we decided to move to the city , I was happy and excited  primarily for weather (I had spent 1 year in Chennai on the topmost floor of an apartment so you can imagine! ) and didn’t bother much about the much talked “traffic problems”. I was always going to be the priority when it came down to distance from office, so you see I was in safe zone 😉

Unlike Chennai, Bangalore is a metro in true sense. People do speak Hindi or English and that too right from sabjiwala, cab driver or autowala. Also, it’s more of a mixed crowd in office so language was never a problem right from the time we landed here. Sometimes, I even found Kannada to be distant relative of Marathi (my mother tongue) and it’s comparatively easier language as compared to Tamil or Malayalam.

I feel it’s the outsiders which form the major part of the city than the Kannadigas. (I don’t know the stats and might be wrong). IT industry has really been a major reason for people to move from nearby small towns to come and settle here. You will find IT parks in every nook  and corner and is unfortunately the cause of  unplanned spider web like growing of the city.  I don’t blame Bangaloreans when they get disappointed by the encroachment of so called IT culture. It definitely has not added to the planned culture in city! Especially to the areas in south of the city. It’s just the buildings , apartments which are increasing in number and zeroing down the trees or greenery.

Trees! Yes, an inseparable part of Bangalore. This is why I love to be in the city so I can walk in shades of the trees-real old trees- even on main roads. If you are lucky enough to be staying in the core part of the city or at least near the old part of the city then only you get to enjoy the vibe. The residential layouts in the city have to have a park, if not a huge one but at least big enough to be used as jogger’s park. These parks are well maintained, kept clean by Municipal corporation and I hope by people too. Not all parks are fancy,with see-saw or  garden slides but beautifully landscaped with benches. They serve a good meeting point for the old and aunties for morning/evening walks as well as safe area for kids to play. Bangalore was called a Garden city once and I now know why!


Cubbon park and Lalbaug Botanical garden are considered to be one of the touristy points when one visits Bangalore. Cubbon park is my personal favorite for it’s jungle like spread and the activities happening there. Every Sunday is dedicated for leash-free dogs in a fenced area. You get to see all the possible breeds and age group of dogs. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t own one. You still get to enjoy the fun. Owners are pretty friendly and let you play with their pets. Sunday morning at Cubbon park perfectly acts as stress buster and is highly recommended for canine lovers!



The Bangalore culture is also enriched in culinary field. Lucky to be around Kannadigans in the office, I get to learn so much about the Karnataki delicacies.A dedicated post for where to eat what will come soon but till then you can enjoy south Indian breakfast and meal at MTR when in Bangalore. South meal at MTR is a must try though there are many breakfast places which one can explore. Work in progress! 😉

By the way, let me tell you about the food jargon of Bangalore. When you come across ‘Khara Bhath’ in menu card, it’s not Bhath (rice) it’s suji/rawa/samolina. So, ‘Khara bhath’ is “upama” is layman’s  language. With same logic, ‘Kesari bhath’ is not Kesar rice but Suji ka halwa/Sheera. 🙂 🙂 Also, you are not eating Masala dosa from the center then you are not a true Bangalorean, you must be a North Indian.(Yeah, anybody who is not from Andhra, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka is a North Indian. Then it doesn’t matter if person is from Maharashtra, West Bengal or Uttaranchal) 😛

Like every metro city, Bangalore is flooded with restaurants and malls to spend weekends but what makes the city special is other activities happening here on weekends. Thanks to the location of the city, there are  hell number of one day trip spots around the city. Be it trekking, hiking , cycling , boating or just sight seeing , you will have everything. This is the reason why there are number of adventure organizations which are seeded in Bangalore. Again, I am yet to explore all this.

There is so much to do that I still have long way to go to explore and enjoy different aspects of the city. I am happy that I have got the hang of it and I am here to stay 🙂

So, to be continued..


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