Look back 2016

December 2016! It’s that time of the year when you pause for a while and look back at the year gone by. Time to go through the resolutions made for the year, to be happy for what is achieved and to be sad for what is yet to be achieved and also to feel irritated for list of things which keep getting forwarded every year. Yeah, you got it right, I am talking about, ‘ I will go to gym from Jan next year’ or ‘I will lose 5 Kg in next Jan and Feb’ or ‘Will take out at least an hour everyday for fitness’. So, how many of us have this plan in the list every year?  I am the first one to raise hand. It’s been 3 years and I have still not taken it seriously.

Sigh! The first resolution of 2017 is in place now. (forwarded since 2014->2015->2016->2017)

Next is I will get back to books again. No more spending nights watching series or movies. Weekends be invested in reading books. I miss my 20s for one more reason now, I was certainly a better reader than now.

The second resolution of 2017 is added!(forwarded since 2014->2015->2016->2017)

Wait! There should be some good things that happened to me this year. Yeah and there were. Let’s talk about some happy events of 2016.

Oh! we traveled a lot this year stretching from South to North, from beaches to mountains to boulders to tea gardens.


Well ,not just the vacations but trips to meet friends and family made us touch some unseen parts of India.I am not temple going person, especially if it is one where you have to stand in a row for hours and hours to get a glimpse of the deity for a split second. Still I did that too and I must say , that glimpse for a second of Balaji at Tirupati was worth the effort. I guess, I won’t be avoiding going to temple anymore. I just don’t want to miss the divine moment which I may get to experience. This was also the year where I traveled by train for 33 hours straight. It is significant because I don’t prefer ‘by rail’ mode of transport. I am ‘ by road’ type of a person and hence, we had our first and longest (till now) road trip of 1100 kms in 4 days.

May traveling bug bite us the same way or may be a little harder in year 2017. Amen!!

I have also discovered this year how much I enjoy cooking. This definitely came as a surprise to me. Imagine what would be my Mom’s reaction to this. (Yeah, tears rolling down her cheeks.)

Cooking to me is not just about learning new recipes, flaunting culinary skills or reaching husband’s heart via satiating his tummy! It’s much more than that. It’s therapeutic. It’s kinda stress buster. It gives me the same pleasure which some craft activity or DIY does to me. I can isolate myself from unnecessary thoughts. I am more focused on what I am adding in the dish and how will it turn out afterwards than anything.  Just to be clear, the therapy can last at the max for an hour or so. Yeah, you guessed it right, I am definitely not among the ones who spend hours and hours in the kitchen. Nah ! not my cup of tea.

Also, I am kind of cook who would try something new with whatever is in the fridge. I am not too finicky about the exact ingredients. I am excellent in reusing the leftovers. Now that I am writing this, I think I have enough stuff to start a cooking page. 😛 hmmmm! This can go in 2017 resolutions list!

I owe my interest in cooking to Rujuta Diwekar, who insists on eating at home and hence obviously, a need to learn to cook. Then to my foodie husband who encourages me to try out new things in the kitchen and gets equally involved. And then of course, to my genes. I wish to cook like my Mom and Dad one day 🙂

How can I not look at my writing in year 2016! I really feel proud that this time blogging was not just a fling but a committed affair. I enjoyed writing. I have connected with so many people just through my writing. I found so many like-minded people around me which I might not have found if it was not through these posts.When a random unexpected person talks to me about Mon Odyssey, I can’t stop blushing.This has been one of the most satisfying parts of life now.

I will be more committed to writing in 2017 and try to increase the frequency of writing from once to twice a month at least.

I am also thinking of beating the monotony of 2016 or I may say monotony of life so far in coming year. I don’t want to keep repeating the same things I have been doing since last few years. Little changes but I think it should make significant difference. That’s why,

  • No cell phone in washroom anymore. Gonna get back to my old self and start reading magazines or newspapers instead of social media and if not this then may be a little ‘me’ time. What say??
  • Similarly, no cell phones in bedroom. Better see husband’s face first thing in the morning.
  • Try and live minimalist lifestyle for a while. So no buying extra face wash or shampoo or any  product before finishing the earlier one.
  • Invest weekends in activities other than going to shopping malls. Shopping malls are going to be a BIG NO NO in 2017.
  • Keep things to own self. I have read sharing plans with people make one feel that they are almost completed and one becomes complacent. Hence, implement and then share or at least be half way there and then propagate. hmmm!!

2016 was also quite liberating year for me. May be it’s the age or the experience of being married for 1.5 years now, I no more long for acknowledgement from every individual around me. There comes a time when one realizes whom to value and whom to let go and that time definitely has arrived for me. I have realized I cannot keep everyone around me happy and I need not do so. I am more happy in my skin now 🙂 Hope it gets better with another year too. Amen!

Let 2017 be a year of fulfilling dreams, exploring the world, many surprising events and lots of love and happiness.

Happy new year lovely readers! ❤








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