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Har ghar kuch kehta hai

We moved to Chennai just after the wedding. My husband moved a week before me and had rented a 2BHK apartment. When I first came to our home, a year ago, all we had was a double mattress and single pillow. It was an empty flat still I was in love with place as soon as I stepped in  A. It was huge. I always shared a room while in Pune and at my maiden place, most of the times I shared my room with either guests or cousins. I always wanted a BIG house and this was dream came true B. It was going to be “our” place.I was excited to start from scratch. I had all the chance and freedom to decorate it as I want.I mean as ‘we’ want 😛

Now, you would be wondering , why am I mentioning all this today, after a year.The reason is, we are moving to a new city soon. My husband is already shifted to Bangalore and I would be moving in a month or two. As much as the thought of leaving the city makes me happy ,leaving this house makes me feel sick. I am too attached to my home and I would miss every corner of it. It’s not just because we have put so much efforts to decorate it but all the ‘first memories’ of us belong to this place. I always wonder why our parents are against the idea of relocation. They never want to leave the house they have been staying for so long. Now, I get it 🙂

It’s strongly believed that the first year after the marriage is very important. Because,it starts with sharing daily routine, mundane activities together. The first fights after wedding, first festivals away from family but still at home ,the first time hosting guests together, being responsible for every little thing at house, all these things and many more . Guess what, this house has witnessed everything!

I have been collecting stuff much before wedding so I could utilize them when actually needed. Some of the things have been gifted by dear ones and remind me every time I look at them. A daughter’s home is a every mother’s dream. She wants daughter to have everything which she had and which she could not have. Everything I use in kitchen reminds me of my mom and the excitement with which she would have bought all of it.

I have rediscovered myself after the marriage. We never realize but we do turn to be just like our parents and unknowingly start behaving like them. My father is passionate gardener. He would spend at least 4 hours every Sunday in our garden. I never made a tiniest attempt in helping him or even accompanying him. But, to my surprise, when we came to Chennai, I wanted to have some plants in our house right from day 1. I don’t know the psychology behind it but may be we want to have a feel of childhood and we try to get it in our own ways.

Some moments were lucky to get captured 🙂

First rains in Chennai when we were at home to enjoy
06:45 am, usual office time for my husband 😦

My mother did put me in various hobby classes in childhood. I enjoyed doing it during summer vacations but never pursued any of them till now. Now,I  use my childhood skills in DIYs . Have a look !


Some of  you might laugh at my silly DIY but this is the best way I could think of keeping bottles and not getting caught. What say 😛

Okay,now, see some serious paintings done by me. I wish to pass these to next generations. 😀

Here are the souvenirs I never forget to collect. By the way, these are not just from our trips. We have generous friends. 😉

A little shaky photo but it’s quite a memory wall
Lovely lamas from McLeod ganj

Let me show you the best part of our home. 2 balconies and a big terrace. Mann , I am going to miss these the most.


I bought the shell hanging and blue globe like hanging when I was in UK 4 years ago. This reminds me of the mug I kept with me for so long. I changed apartments, roommates, cities but somethings stay with you as long as you want them to be with you.

I have a little story for the statues in below pic. My mother wanted to buy the  band of these Rajasthani folk artists for my home but somehow could not. Even I loved them when I saw them for the first time. Few months later, me and my friend came across an exhibition in mall. I saw the same dolls there and told him the story how I wanted it since so long. By the time we came out , he had already bought them for me as a wedding gift. That was very sweet of him and his wife and I can never forget the gesture.

This was the first corner I decorated after coming home.

This is my favorite photo of us and always remind me of the friend who clicked it. The box was again some exhibition buy and frame was bought in UK. Yes, 4 years ago that too from a donation store. The cute little swans are souvenir my father in law got , I don’t know how many years ago. 🙂

Cherished memories!

We bought these little  frames ,fridge magnets during courtship period from some modern flea market at U B city, Bangalore.Surprisingly , my husband also kept it safely for almost a year.


This was supposed to be an impromptu post and thought I would be putting more photos than words. I guess I am attached to the materialistic things much more than I think, not because of the cost but the memories associated with it.

It felt good to revisit every bit of the house and think about friends and families who contributed to make it home. A heartfelt thanks to everybody who came to our place and treated it as their home, I think we achieved what we wished for. Those who could not come, we will be waiting in Bangalore 😉

Things costly or cheap, old or new, tidy or untidy, decorated or not tells you a story, because every home tries to tell you something about people who stay there. ❤







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