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New laws of Life

This post is dedicated to all the stereotypical Indian families with narrow-minded  or a little open-minded or complete orthodox mentality. I totally understand the path to successful life according to YOU

School -> College -> Job -> Marriage -> Baby -> House  or House first then Baby then repeat!

Baby’s School -> Baby’s College -> Baby’s Job so on and so forth.  Meanwhile you might buy another house or have another kid for a change.

This is tried , tested and proven way of life and I am not disregarding it at all. I just want to say, be open to  change. Listen to why would we as in my generation would want to take our own time in reaching next level in the path of life. Just because something worked for your generation doesn’t mean , it will work for us. You had the patience and strength to live a mundane life, we might not feel the same way. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we are wrong. Let’s make peace and  happily agree to disagree. 🙂

We did go to college for getting well paid jobs. You are right!  You have all the liberty to nag us with – Did you get the job? when will you get the job? What will be the salary?  But, after this, take a breath! Once we have good paying jobs, give us a chance to explore, to understand the world. The friendships, money matters, relationships, betrayals, heartbreak, travels and much more. Give us a chance to understand ourselves before committing ourselves to another human life. Rather than forcing us to like somebody , guide us to understand ourselves better. Guide us to set the right expectations,to be patient and to take right decisions.  Try and get in shoes of your kid and keep the social obligations of status and caste aside for a while.This is time they need you the most and you have  a chance to build a strong foundation for future relationships.

Let’s talk about the next step – Baby! Here take a DEEP breath .

As I already spoke about it in my previous post, I say again, it’s a personal decision. Let two people who are responsible for the outcome decide when they want. You are ruining the most special moment and decision in couple’s life by unnecessary interference. You are indirectly discussing about your child’s sex life! Do you think it suits you?  As much as its big news for your family, relatives and social circle, don’t forget its biggest and happiest decision for the husband-wife. Give them the time to get emotionally  strong, financially stable and physically fit to be able to dedicate life to the new life. On this note , I would like to share a thought by Miss Universe Sushmita Sen.Capture

Give the to be parents time to assimilate above thought to be able to live it for would be children.

Be adaptive to couples who want to go for the option of adoption. Some might choose the path as a result of medical complications others may go for it despite of being medically fit. To each his own but I believe that parenthood cannot  be judged on who has produced the kid. It’s a feeling. A pure bond of selfless love. It’s a journey of a person toward spirituality, a heartfelt effort to be a good human being because one doesn’t want to set wrong example for a kiddo . On a light note, if you are staying in India, do your bit and save the country of ever-increasing population. 😉

I am going to save my efforts by not talking about how and why we should buy house as soon as possible. It’s already done in the previous post , Live and let live

All you lovely readers, you must be thinking that I am being repetitive in sharing my thoughts about society, marriage , baby etc. Well, I would like to change the course of thoughts, once I see the change around or bring  the change.

Till then, bear with me 🙂



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