Get up and get going!

What do you do during those “days ” of the month? The question is for everybody and not just girls 😉 We all have dull, sad, gloomy or sometimes real tough days  and not always hormones are to be blamed, right ?  So, how do you tackle such days? Monday blues are common and I think we deal with them by going late to office or by spending time in cafeteria. Still, there are times when we don’t want to do anything and any small things against our will irk us.

In my case , I go through such time when I have less or no work in office and still have to come for damn attendance. Sometimes people around me behave illogically and situation goes out of my control  or some times it’s just not my day!

Here is how I deal with lows and blues of my routine.

The first thing that comes to my mind is to call up my mother. She will always have solution to all the silly problems I have. She might just not give any advice but will still make me believe  that ‘its okay. It happens’. Surprisingly, it’s all I want to listen to someone close.

If my mom is not reachable then my husband sure is. He will suggest me to take a day off and go shopping or promise to  take me in the evening. Yeah, he knows it always works 😉  If that’s also not working out , then he will just be there for me to bear my crankiness and try  every way to make me smile ❤

Even after torturing these poor people I don’t feel good then my friends to the rescue. Many of them by now are used to my boredom period and are happy to help whenever I call them 🙂 Some of them even get curious to know what’s wrong  if I have not complained about things recently. I do have interesting problems and reasons to cry  😉

There come times when I don’t want to talk to anybody and laze around in my cocoon. So I switch on the A.C., get all the junk food in-house and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S These days I watch Suits on  loop. I am in love with the main character – Harvey and he does cheer me up most of the times 😉 Let’s keep detailed post on ‘Suits’ for some other time.

If I am in office and have no access to TV shows, I try to lift my mood by surfing on internet. YourStory  is an informative as well as inspiring website which talks about startups and entrepreneurs. It at least makes me realize  how people achieve what they want in spite of all the odds and I act so hopeless by caressing silly things.

The idea which always kicks me to be on my toes  is travelling. You must check my previous post which is not mere consolidation of  travel websites but I really spend quality time chalking out plan for the next trip. Travelling always helps me to look forward and imagine what would I be doing if I was there. See, I am already thinking about Cinque Terre, Italy, a recently added destination in my wish list 😉

The point is to focus on the feel good factors in your life. What make you smiles? What can be refreshing during such tough times? It can be as easy as buying flowers on the way home or stopping by a cafe and treating yourself with a  pastry or wearing a dress you were saving for an occasion or just take a walk!

Guess what, today , writing a post about it and putting my thoughts down is also helping me to keep calm and move on 😉

So,what’s your story ? 🙂


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