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My plan for a month

Recently, I came across  a post by Andrea Wakim on medium where she narrates her experience of writing everyday. She got inspired from Jonas Ellison and I got inspired from her. 🙂 There were so many places in the post where I could relate to both of them. Like me, you must also be wondering , “Why”? What’s the use of writing everyday? Moreover , what’s so exciting about it ?

I would not repeat why Andrea and Jonas  turned into a daily writer. You might have read about it by now. I am going to tell you why I am challenging myself  to write daily.


I have been deciding to do a lot of things to do daily and failing at all of them. In my teens, I was quite enthusiastic about working out. I would enjoy trekking, walking and somehow managed myself to stay fit. In last 3-4 years, I have put on almost 5 kg by doing nothing but eating. So,  I decided to workout everyday.

I failed at that.

Then, I thought of cutting down on outside eating. I thought if I cannot burn  calories then at least control the intake. But, this also seems distant dream because I have a foodie husband like me and we enjoy trying new cuisines and restaurants. Looks like , achieving dinner/lunch/breakfast dates  ONLY twice a month will take some time.

I am not a complete atheist as such and I used to spend few minutes with god chanting few shlokas before marriage. I did it because I believed that it brings peace to me and certainly not because my mom made me to do it.  After marriage, as household work load increased , I hardly get anytime in the morning to have tea so forget about luxury pooja time. But then, one of the important criteria to decide the character of a girl is to see  how much ‘pooja- archana’ she does.  This also explains what a girl’s  mother has taught her.  So, I decided to pray or meditate for sometime for my own sake , for  my peace of mind. but, then I realized that I can’t just do it because someone has asked me to do or to something to others.I need to feel  it from inside to spend some spiritual time everyday.

This plan too failed.

I can go on with this but the gist is now  I  just want a start. Start some activity and commit to myself that i will do it regularly come what may.  My will power has become weak  so now I no more believe that  I do what I decide. My thoughts brought me to the fact that –  The only thing which I have been consistently doing without pushing myself to do is writing. It’s been 10 months and I have been writing once a month without fail and complain.That’s how I decided to write daily  and bring back  “discipline ” to my life.


I am a software tester by profession and used to enjoy my work till I was learning something new, till I was getting to travel because of work , till things around me kept changing. Now, after 6 years, it’s all monotonous and not at all challenging.  I am tired and bored for most of the time during the day.  This is how I started blogging as I wanted to create something new. It gave me immense pleasure once I am done with my post. I felt light when all my thoughts were at last out on the table. My work hardly gave me the feeling that I have done  something productive for the day, but writing did.

I want to see now that writing daily will give me the satisfaction of work I am looking for or not! 🙂


Writing gives me that smile which a completed painting gives to a painter, audience positive response gives to director or freshly baked cake gives to a baker. Each one of us is creative in their own way. I like to be creative by sharing my experiences about travels or online shops or sometimes random thoughts.

Sharing is my creativity and now I want to practice it 🙂

Apart from commitment

In my last few months of experience of blogging, I would wait for some exciting event to happen or a vacation or collection of thoughts before starting to write. Then I realized , in process of waiting for perfect idea and time , I am loosing out so much on writing my daily experiences. There so many things happening around me and in my mind I  am constantly  typing the start of the post.I have missed to write on so many topics which at one point of time  thought would be interesting. Now, that I have decided to start daily , I can go back to those missed ideas and also not miss on daily happenings.

I have decided to write for a month starting from today. Why a month? Oh c’mon, let’s be realistic. 😉 I am hoping once I start to do it daily , I won’t have to keep the track of dates 🙂

Let’s see!


Dear Readers,

It might be boring for you to receive daily mails on random topics. I am dreading that many of you might ‘unfollow’ me . I will try my best to keep you interested and serve your purpose of visiting my blog. Let’s take a call on how to go further at end of the month. 🙂

Keeping fingers crossed ❤





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