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Gone are the days when we used to wait for occasions to go shopping. Those were the days when markets overflowed before festivals. Family shopping was a ritual which was strictly followed during festivals and of course for birthdays. Now, we shop for any small reason or even for no reason. Shopping is treated as an occasion to spend “quality “time with friends or sometimes as an effective stress buster. Of course, I am talking about girls here.  😉 As I think about the evolution of shopping, I realize that with time crunch due to the lifestyle of people, shopping style has evolved. It started with local markets and then moved to malls and now online- the most talked  buzz! Earlier we used to go to shop’s doorstep and now shops come to our doorsteps or should I say computer steps 😉

Let’s focus on the pros of the evolution in this post. I am no different when I say people shop for pleasure and not for need. I constantly look out for something new, unique and yeah, good deal. The real satisfaction is not in buying unique stuff but buying it for a reasonable or worthy price. I know, you couldn’t agree more.

Still, I would say I have a little different style of shopping online. I seldom buy from Snapdeal, Amazon or Flipkart (for that matter conventional e-commerce sites) unless it’s an electronic product or book. Also, I don’t buy clothes online; first because size changes with brands and I am too lazy to go through return policy process, same follows for footwear. So, this dubiety of mine has led me to find some really interesting websites where I buy my best bets and that is ‘jewelry’.

Why do I enjoy buying jewelry online?

  • You can start with small buying and once satisfied about quality can invest more
  • No issue of size
  • If you loved something while buying and then didn’t like it after delivery (I know it happens with every girl), gift it to somebody 😉

Let me introduce you to these websites, most of which are start ups by women. More power to women!!  🙂


The venture started as a hobby and with parent’s support and love of friends turned into shopaholic’s paradise.  Funkanatomy does not believe in selling something for an exorbitant price. It gives you chance to buy beautiful pair of earrings or a delicate necklace or a flashy ring for the most reasonable price. We casually spend money during street shopping risking quality. Instead trust my word and shop from Funkanatomy and you will get unique quality product in return. Yes, they do not mass produce.

What makes it different?

They give you a platform to make your own earrings. So, no need to go out and search for the raw material. You will be provided with required beads, strings, stones etc.  All you have to do is sit back and design your earring with few clicks. Funkanatomy will happily create it for you and deliver to your doorsteps.

So, get your creative juices flowing!

Price range: Rs.150 to Rs.750/- The maximum products are in range of Rs. 150 to Rs.300/-

Products: Earring, studs, necklace and rings


Here are my earrings from Funkanatomy


DSC_1203 (2)


It is an initiative to bring out creativity from remote to urban places in India under one roof.

That said, you will get to see crafts from different states of the country sitting at home. Every time I visit the site I feel like I am attending an exhibition. Itokri not just showcases jewelry but is home for fabrics, stationary, home accents and much more. I am here to focus on jewelry because that’s what I have bought from them so far.

The designs you will find here are unique to the area and rarely repetitive. The variety in each category like rings, earring, and necklaces is huge and will leave you in awe. As Itokri collects from diverse vendors, the stock is limited and you might not get the same item, next time you visit site.

So better buy when you like something. Also, apart from usual jewelry types like silver or imitation, you will come across wooden, thread work, bamboo work earrings. Interesting, right 🙂

What makes it different?

Get ready for a surprise with your delivery. I am not going to spoil it for you. Just ensuring that you will be delighted when you get one.

Price range: Rs.100 to Rs.12500/- . The price range varies with variety. Once I got lucky and got earring for Rs.60/- too. Keep looking !!

Products under jewelry: Earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets, bangles, necklace sets, pendants and toe rings


My collection from iTokri

DSC_1240 (2)

DSC_1222 (2)


How do I complete the blog without mentioning my beloved website? I have written a complete post about the design studio here.

What makes it different?

I would say, Aatman is family brand because this is the only brand where I have seen specially designed jewelry for little girls as well as women. Also, don’t be surprised if you find an art piece for special men in your life.

Price range: Rs.450 to Rs.45000/- . The brand might seem pricy to most of you but the designs will speak the worth.

Products: Earrings, necklace, bangles, necklace sets, pendants, mangalsutra and armlets


Note: The product range keeps on changing with time. You got to keep looking. Like, rakhis would be introduced once the festival is here.

My bit of Aatman!

DSC_1253 (2)
Pendant caught my eye


DSC_1269 (2)
Rose gold earrings pair well with my watch


Mohh is a silver jewelry brand and inspired from traditionl ancient crafts of India. The make of designs has its roots spread along Varanasi to Bengal to Orissa. The art items are very unusual and authentic. This brand is not limited to jewelry and leaves their mark in creation of exquisite bags and apparel.

The royal feel of Mohh makes you believe that you belong to a different era.  I would recommend going for it if you are looking for ethnic collection. The designs once adorned are definitely a head turner.

What makes it different?

The designs! Take a look and you need not think about why it is different.

Price range: Rs.650 to Rs.17000/- . The brand is pricey but to each his own. The investment will pay off when you start getting compliments 😉

 Products under jewelry: Earrings, necklace, bangles, hair ornaments, anklets, nose pins, rings and men’s jewelry

My investment! I had also gifted a coat pin to my brother for his wedding, something different from stereotypical gifts 🙂

DSC_1286 (3)
Nose ring – an attempt to makeover

Hope you get a chance to go through the sites I mentioned and are lucky to get good deals 😉

I know this might serve as an initiation to many of you who are new to this offbeat way of shopping online. Trust me, the process of exploring new sites, new crafts and new designs is as fulfilling as buying something online. So, happy shopping and happy exploring J

p.s : No one has sponsored any of the endorsements above. These are the result of personal experience with each of these brands and are shared with you all in good will. 🙂

Pic courtesy : Pallavi Washivale


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