Offbeat Kodai

Karuna farms as name suggests is not a farm house! It’s a community. Yes, that’s what they call it. It is a community of people who come to a valley to relax, to trek, to practice yoga or just rejuvenate oneself. We went there just for a weekend and it feels like a week-long break.

  • Reason 1: of course, the location
  • Reason 2: People we met
  • Reason 3: Experiences we had and heard.
view from the patio

I am the kind of  person to whom a feeling of turning into a hippy creeps in once in few days. The place as such was not exactly a hippy place but yes, the people who visited were definitely of that sort. We came across a variety of people at Karuna farms who gave me enough food for thought. It really made me think that would I really be able to live a hippy life ever? A life away from loved ones, away from sophisticated society, away from stereotypes, away from materialistic lifestyle !   One thing was sure, nature, trees, streams, mountains and clouds make me happy.  I am never fascinated by tall buildings or posh luxury hotel as much I am fascinated by tall trees, mighty mountains and a small cottage. Somehow man made things do not inspire me! I am at peace when I am close to nature. I don’t get irritated by small things or I would say my temperament is in control when I am amidst woods. Trust me! My husband has witnessed this side of me and was quite surprised. 😉

Here is a glimpse of the valley!




By the way, macro I love you. You are the easiest mode to click photos for a DSLR newbie like me 😉

Here are few quirky things I clicked at Karuna farms.

The only part which could have made the experience more memorable was the food.  A common kitchen cum pantry serves rice, dal and sabji for one and all. For breakfast, you might not get anything but bread omelette. And  yes,Masala Chai is the only thing which is worth a try. Plus, if you are a hygiene freak, I would suggest you better carry your own snacks and cook in the kitchen provided in the cottage. Now, that ‘Maggie’ is back, that will be a good idea 😉

We had taken green tea, ready to cook Oat packets and enjoyed cooking with minimal utensils, most of which looked like left by earlier guests.

Breakfast time

Luckily the day we reached was Halloween. The kids on the farm were too excited about it and made all elders throw a Halloween party. The first Halloween of my life 🙂

So, the party actually gave us a platform to meet everyone who was staying in the valley. Here, we met a family (couple with 2 kids) who were from Israel and travelling from last 7 months, an Indian live-in couple who were there for almost a month (they said they were musicians), a loner from Bombay who was just roaming around, figuring out what to do professionally in life, and a family (Brit husband, Gujju wife and their kids) who loved the valley so much that they bought a piece of land in the valley and were planning to settle there. All the junta who belong to different corners of world and who were from different school of thought and helped me open my mind to different genres.

I was in my comfort zone after a long. Nobody knew anyone; most of them were meeting each other for the first time. Yet there was warmth in conversations. Enjoyed the non-judgmental vibe!  People were frank enough to exchange thoughts, share experiences and Yeah, responded to my curiosity about the life in valley!

It has been almost a month and I still go in trance when I think about those 2 days. People we met were not only fascinating but bold in terms of decisions they made. The Gujju lady and Brit gentleman I mentioned above are bringing up their 2 kids without any formal education. They believe in keeping their creativity intact. They don’t want their children to be bounded by any mandatory education. It is not that parents don’t teach kids at home, just that their way is different. Children will love history if it interests them not because they are supposed to learn it in 45 minute lecture. Parents are making sure that they have complete access to the knowledge but when to grasp, is up to children. I have met these kids and they are incredible. I found them smart, well behaved and loving. So I guess, couple is on the right track. They are giving enough freedom to let children realize what interests them.

Most of today’s generation does not believe in today’s school system. Unfortunately, it is not local but global problem. The grades or the competition is somehow killing the inner urge to do something different. I do agree that not every kid is as smart to realize what the inner passion is but then the kid needs proper guidance or may be counselling, definitely not the mandatory education of geography, algebra or geometry.

I recently watched Tamasha and it again brought me back to the question that why do we kill our love for hobbies or innocence to respond to things? We become pretentious and call it smart as year passes. Yes! There are people who work on their passion, people who continue to trek, to play instrument or play some sport but then only as hobbies. For 40 hours/week we do what we don’t enjoy and then on weekends we accept 2 hours of music class is what we deserve. How unfair!!

I was just a little above average in academics, always in safe zone, not too bright not too dull! One thing which I clearly recall is that I enjoyed studying languages. My essays always got me out of marks and today I realize it when I enjoy blogging. I strongly believe that most of the skills are developed during childhood. The question is who actually takes it seriously and nurtures it. I also learnt dance when I was 8 years old and till date nothing can give me the happiness which dancing gave me and somehow I never pursued it. I continued to be the part of rat race. So blame it on society or parents, it is ultimately “we” who are the victims!!

I am far far far away from what the couple we met  is actually doing. I have just accepted the thought or say appreciated the decision. How much ever I want I still have no guts to do what they are doing, neither for me nor for my children…..RIGHT NOW! But you never know… someday! Someday I will be a hippy, leaving in some valley and practically teaching my kids how actually plants grow 🙂



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