What every girl needs to know

Straight from Dad’s heart! A touchy letter to the little one! Be YOU 🙂

Whatever i think goes in here...

I came across this letter shared online,  and I believe with all my heart that women should get the message ingrained into themselves.  Long-standing patriarchy and the media make women believe they are not as awesome as they are, and that they need to work hard to get their man interested. If you really have to work so hard every moment of your life just to keep your man interested, he’s not there for you, he’s there for the entertainment of your silly trials to keep him interested. The moment you slip up on one tiny thing you “needed to do” to keep him interested, he’ll be gone. That’s not a soul mate. A soul mate is there for you and you alone. This is what the dad tells his daughter in this beautiful letter. Do read it. It will be worth the time.

dad's letter to daughter

(Image Source: http://m.tickld.com/x/father-gives-advice-that-all-women-should-probably-hear-this-is-gold)

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