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An unusual pact!

5:00 AM

One of those times when you wake up in the morning and inadvertently open face book and with winky eyes scroll down the timeline. I stopped at this one point and was lost in nostalgia.


Thereafter, not sure when went back to sleep.

My unconscious mind had already started on a trail of thoughts. I went back to my childhood memories. The times when weekends, summer holidays were about gathering in cousin’s or a friend’s house and play “school – school” , “doctor-doctor”, “teacher –teacher”.  (I don’t know any other way to put it) The houses were made of sticks, old bed sheets or sarees.  The one memory which I know will be common to 95% of us was draping mom’s chunni as saree. The teacher had to don a saree, didn’t she??

I got stuck with the thought of sarees. I remembered when my grandmother passed away. I made sure my mother keeps all of granny’s sarees. I was least bothered about her other stuff but the smell of sarees… I could not afford to let that go. By the way, I was just 10 years old.

Childhood was the time of flaunting sarees in the house so was the “teacher’s day” in high school- time of wearing saree publically. The very first day in saree when all the eyes in the school were on us! Going to school in bus or auto? NO WAY! The special request would be made to dad to drop to the school

Years pass and then comes farewell! The first reality check of growing up!! I am sure, many of us bought their very first saree for this occasion and if not then the preparation to choose one for the big day would go on for almost a month. Visiting homes of all the masi’s, elder sister’s, aunty’s, shortlist at least 10 sarees from the lot! The next big task would be draping. The wise mother would handover this task to the near dear sister or aunt. Because, she knows very well how cranky and finicky her little daughter is! This is the time when a mother starts having nightmares about daughter’s wedding shopping. Abhi ye haal to tab kya hoga!

4 years of engineering = 4 fresher parties + 4 annual events. I made these events memorable for my Masi and Mom. They were more than happy when I graduated not because of the degree but for the fact that now they don’t have to suffer during college functions. No more crying, no more fuss about which saree to wear or the accessories. Finally!!! Peace at home 😉 Oh Mann!! I miss that chaos.

Saree gets all the due respect when comes the turning point in a girl’s life- Wedding. The selections done for the trousseau are with utmost dedication. It is one of those memorable affairs where all the women of the house, dear girly gang, get together and go devour the best sarees in the market.

Just a look at a saree after a year triggers all the efforts taken to bring it home.

The association with sarees continues all our life. I don’t think we are so much attached to any other attire of our mothers/grannys/aunts/sisters/friends but the “saree”!! It certainly holds a special place. However, with time passing by, with change in lifestyle and priorities, we today look for an occasion to wear saree. We need somebody’s engagement or wedding or festival or some traditional affair to reach to the top shelf of the wardrobe. I am not quite happy with the justice given to the 6 yards.

Without even a single stitch, only a long stretch of fabric makes you so beautiful. It just takes the shape of your curves and transforms you into someone so graceful and elegant.

Today, I am going to introduce you to a movement started by two ladies, Ally Matthan and Anju Maudgal Kadam – #100sareespact. This duo came up with a simple thought of sharing saree stories. How? Wear a saree, post a photo with a story on #100sareepact FB group and Ta da! You are a part of the nationwide or should I say worldwide conversation. The idea is actually to wear 100 sarees before end of the year 2015. (Don’t be disappointed, it is never too late to start something good)

By the way, I am not here for any promotion or even not urging you to take any legacy forward. I am here just to make you remember how much you love the attire and how you should go for something you really admire. If we are not shy of wearing shorts or miniskirts in public places then why shy away from wearing sarees.

The stories shared on the site are really interesting. Don’t you wanna flaunt the first saree gifted by husband or the first saree you bought for your mother, the anniversary gift, the convocation saree and list will go on. With #100sareespact, I am just giving you an “occasion” to don a saree.

And here is  my first post on #100sareepact on face book 😉


Let’s pay tribute to the never retiring fashion! Let’s connect with 6 yards 🙂


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