My Obsessions!

I wish I could call them cute/little 😀

It is so truly said that marriage changes everything. It is like beginning of a new era, A.D and B.C .You can actually divide time as before and after. Marriage opens up many doors of owns personality. Suddenly one starts to realize the habits, nature, reactions of oneself.  I will not compare a roomie with a husband/wife. The permanent roommate is totally different category. Not only the equations but also expectations are way too different. (No negative connotations intended)

Luckily/unluckily, my roomies changed every one or 1.5 years, less may be, but not more than that.  I say luckily because it gave me chance to get to know new friends and unluckily – because I miss each one of them so much. Nevertheless, today, when we look back, we cherish only the good times we had and if at all we have to discuss about each other‘s annoying habits, it is on a lighter note.

Thus, now, I have a certain amount of experience of both the worlds!

I have been pointed out some of my habits by my latest roommate who’s my only housemate – Yes! My husband. These habits are called as obsessions by him- “fondly”, he says :-l  Again, they are neither cute nor loving. Told you right, marriage gives the license to observe, analyze the other half andthen top of that proudly come up with the report. I had never realized how I react to certain things when I am in public. But the report had it all…. And that too with evidence. 😉

Anyways, my reaction to his amusement or irritation falls into either one of the categories below

  1. Happy – I respond by smiling
  2. Proud – Proud looks
  3. I don’t care – Do I have to elaborate the reaction??

So here is the list:

  1. I like all my clothes to be ironed. (Of course not the pajamas, scarves or home wears) I just love the stack in my wardrobe  🙂
  2. In continuation with point 1, clothes are to be folded in a specific way. Now, I am talking about even pajamas & daily wears. They need to be equally treated as like party wears.
  3. I can’t stand sitting like a zombie once I am up. So, brush the teeth in next 10 minutes followed or preceded by folding the duvet.
  4. I can’t keep waiting for anybody or any planned activity for more than one hour. Whole world knows that I am an impatient soul.
  5. I HAVE to dote a cat or dog even if it is not my pet or if it is lying in the farm or stray or you don’t find it cute or the owner is staring at me and trying to avoid me. The animal loves me, so what’s the problem?
  6. No using two hands while eating. You don’t even need another hand on table. Basic table etiquettes you see.
  7. No shaking legs. This is applicable for every human being around me. Stop distracting me.
  8. So what if I am watching Friends (13 year old US Series) for the nth time, I don’t prefer to be disturbed. I can’t pause and talk to anybody because it spoils the mood. My father will certainly agree to this. I remember, he used to make guests watch his favorite show and would happily indulge in long chats thereafter.
  9. Moving on, one of the main reasons I love hotel stays. I am ready to compromise on the room decor, if the bed invites me with clean white sheets and duvet! (I know many people will smile after reading this ;-))
  10. I am a hardcore cotton lover and a brand ambassador for…yes, you guessed it right… FabIndia! Every time I shop from there, I decide this is the last time; I am not going to pay 1000 bucks for a simple kurta. But like Apple fanboys say, “if you don’t have an Iphone , you don’t have an Iphone” , SO, “If you don’t wear Fabindia, you just don’t know the feeling!“ ***Proud grin***

Chennai Special – new found obsessions

  1. Filter coffee- Mann! The aroma, the color, the special steel little glass and bowl. It makes my day  🙂 🙂
  2. These days, I am enjoying washing copper utensils. I have this copper bottle gifted in wedding. The rose gold shine after it is clean, sparkle my eyes.

Tip: Immediately wipe the utensil to avoid any water stains. (You are welcome  😛 )

You would agree to the fact that many of the above points cannot be actually called as obsessions. These are casual habits which every individual has. But yeah, the report presented by my husband had all these (and many more) observations.

P.S : I am sure after reading this post, “You Know Who” would be inspired for a new blog or should I  say report ! 😉


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