One of my friends introduced me to a jewellery brand Aatman sometime during my wedding shopping. But, you know how obsessed we are about buying “gold” jewellery for the weddings! (Sarcasm intended) So, though Aatman was love at first sight for me, I saved my temptation for later.


The only thing that comes to my mind when I see their designs is “ROYAL”. I am not very fond of modern designs when it comes to jewellery. I still belong to old school! This might be one of the reasons why I find immense pleasure just in surfing their site.

One day, I was surprised and equally happy to see “Tanmani” on Aatman’s website.            It is a traditional Maharashtrian neck-piece which I guess is inherited from Peshwa time.I always assumed that today’s designers believe in bringing new patterns in vogue than investing time on traditional jewelry. The real achievement (I feel) is in cherishing the richness of these good old designs and beautifying them so that today’s generations take the legacy forward. Aatman, Thanks for volunteering for the responsibility 🙂

I guess there are still few people like me who would prefer to flaunt ajji’s Tanmani over a latest designed necklace!

The label also transcends the boundaries of states & religion, making you try out amazing traditional designs from other regions. What better way to tap the rich and diverse canvas of colours that is India!  The designs hosted on the site will tempt a Maharashtrian lady to wear a Marwari Maang Tika or a south Indian girl to go for a tribal thushi. Aatman goes beyond the social norms when it comes to enhancing sensuous charm of a lady.

I have always felt the touch of Indian heritage even in the way Aatman has coined the collections. “Rajputana”, “Nirmitee,”Maya”! Don’t you just want to click and get the glimpse of the treasure hiding behind the names?

Aatman has not kept any stone unturned and has left mark in almost every accessory. Don’t be surprised to see a Rakhi collection specially designed for the beloved brothers. Like I said, Aatman has this Midas touch and hence whichever accessory it touches, turns into exquisite jewelry art.

I will let pictures do the talking now.


We tend to follow typical mindset of buying either gold or silver jewelry or now a day’s go for Kundan  or rose gold art.But hey,hold On!

Just browse through the Aatman’s creations and you will be delighted to see the blend of materials.  Gold plated heavy pendant crafted with rudraksh or rose gold danglers adorned with American diamonds.  An age old Gehumaal looks so pretty and unique when designed with gold and silver beads.

One needs courage, confidence and of course creativity to break the stereotype and present such novelty. Aatman, you excel in all fronts!

They say beauty lies in simplicity. Now ,Aatman showcases a special “gaudy” collection each time a festival is round the corner. But if you ask me, their simple yet creative, not so heavy jewelry pieces are what make you feel special even on those mundane days. So, its kinda best of both worlds! Aatman is for everyday and everyone!

Have a look at designs below and you will get what I mean.


Some of you may find the brand little pricey. But, let me put some facts straight –

Can you put a price tag to a feeling when everybody around is praising your earring?  Can you bargain for the pride you take in making all other jealous just with a gorgeous neck-piece?

The answer, we all know, is NO. So, priced possessions are worth paying for. Aatman takes care of every penny you are investing. I will tell you how! The designs are not created in wholesale hence will not be available on every other site or retailer shops. What I mean is 100 other ladies will not have what I am wearing and it makes me feel, you know- on cloud 9 🙂 🙂

Oh Mann!! I really feel like decking up when I browse all the designs the way a kid watches toys in a shop and wants to have all!

For online purchase, you can visit their website or cooliyo or shoptimize.Make sure you order product right when you fell for it. There is like only 20% chance that the product will be available next time you visit. Enjoy the uniqueness only till it lasts!

For the ladies who don’t quite believe in online shopping (I am talking about our moms, aunts who believe e-commerce / online sites are just to fool the common man), please visit the exhibitions hosted every three months at below address. Feel free to see the designs, try it out, check it in the mirror, pose, and then blush and pay the bill!! (hee hee)


326 Siddharth Towers Kothrud, Pune, India

Contact number: 020 6620 8016

p.s: The exhibition address may change and will be updated on the FB page.

I am just waiting for the next occasion when I can treat myself. Happiness is just a click away 🙂 🙂

Happy Shopping!!


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