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Pune food book

After my recent blog, How I miss Pune, I got pings from many of my friends. Everyone reminded me about a place where we had some really foody fond memories.  I myself was a little surprised when I realized that I have missed those places. So, here I go again with a new list of oldies 🙂

Le plasir

Do you want to get a feel of dining in European cafes while being in India? Do you want to see a blackboard menu, handwritten with chalk? Do you want to be attended by a smart waiter who could also be the chef or the owner? (Yes, like in movie Queen! Remember the Italian restaurant owner attending Kangna who quickly grabs a blackboard menu)

Guys, if your answer is YES, please visit Le Plasir!

It’s a café cum restaurant specialized in sandwiches, pastas, crepes and salads. Let’s handle desserts separately.I happened to go to this place quite late during my 5 years tenure in Pune. I was in love with the place as soon as I stepped in. The cozy feel, the wooden furniture, wall of little yellow notes, personalized handwritten menu and the smart, friendly stewards/ess (I hate to call them waiters).  What more you need to get comfortable?

Like I said before, you will get the European feel and the food taste is no way different. Still I would say how much ever good the ambiance is, the delicious taste and yummy food will ALWAYS remain the highlight at Le Plasir. The ingredient blend in every recipe is too impressive and still you would figure out the individual taste of each item.


 When it comes to desserts, macarons are what the place is popular for. Crème caramel, pastries, cheesecakes, brownies! You name it and you have it! All the desserts are fresh and look orgasmic. If not for the meal but surely treat yourself with desserts here 🙂

It is NOT recommended for people who are actually like Kangana Ranaut in Queen. Fellas who tend to add ginger, garlic, chilly in every dish and make every recipe taste the same. Please please, pretty please, savor what is being served. Trust the chefs here and you will end up licking fingers!

As I am reviving my experience, I can’t stop but go on writing. Anyways, I will not spoil the “surprise factor” anymore. 😛

Make a note:

  • Do not serve alcohol. Ice tea is a MUST TRY
  • Not sure about the new place they have moved to but parking is usually a problem on weekends in this area.
  • Recommended to reserve place if planning to go on weekend.
  • Personal favorite : Roast chicken garlic mayo and jalapenos sandwich, lemon ice tea and aglio olio pasta
  • Meal: lunch/dinner/snacks. Whenever you are hungry 😉
  • Each penny spent is worth.

I have not been to a new place but I am sure the vibe will be same at new location too 🙂


759/125, Rajkamal, Opposite Kelkar Eye Hospital, Prabhat Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

Find it here:
Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Polka Dots

I don’t quite remember when I exactly started to visit this place. The recent memory I have is with my Mom. After pestering her for almost 4 weekends, she became ready to come with me for dinner. Polka dots worked for us and left her delighted. Mission accomplished! 🙂

(After the dinner, she was blaming only herself for postponing our date)

Polka dots serves variety of cuisines which includes Punjabi, continental, Mexican, Asian and European. Note that this is a paradise for meat lovers and as well as for ghas phus eaters.

This is the reason when I take somebody with me for lunch/dinner here, I don’t have to worry about the cuisine preference. I am quite sure that any dish served will be tasty and worth trying.

On ambiance front, the place is neither very impressive nor disappointing. The service is good and you will be paid enough attention.

It is NOT recommended for romantic dates. It is mostly recommended for friends hang outs or family dinner, the reason being the casual ambiance.

Make a note:

  • Do not serve alcohol. Ice tea is a MUST TRY
  • Parking is usually not a problem. You will get a place roadside.
  • Recommended to reserve place if planning to go on weekend.
  • Personal favorite: Chicken Satay, Thai green curry (vegetable) and Tiramisu.
  • Meal: brunch/lunch/snacks/dinner.
  • Value for money


  • 157, DP Road, Vaishnavi Apartment, Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune
  • 206, Near The Bishops School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Find it here:
Polka Dots Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Padma Café

Sometimes you don’t need a variety of options in menu or a great ambiance but a break from the usual boring office canteen. In such times, how would you feel when a filter coffee comes to the rescue!

Well, don’t try and search it on Zomato, you are going to end up in “No results”. I am afraid but Padma café neither hits standard of cuisines nor of ambiance. It’s on law college road, a prime location and I am 100% sure you must not have noticed it.I wonder why it is even called a café when it looks almost like a garage shop.

(Keep looking on right side when you come to Nal stop from Law college road.)


Nonetheless, it’s a personal favorite joint and I religiously go there for appe and filter coffee. Café is happy to offer you a limited south Indian menu. 2-3 types of Dosa, appe and sometimes bisibhele bhath. One of my office friends introduced me to the place, his friend’s sister had introduced it to him and I am following the tradition. So, Yes! It’s special to all of us. I miss those long talks over a coffee at the café and during office hours 😀

Starbucks lovers are not welcome here. You might not find the place suitable for you. (I hope you get what I mean) It is recommended for people who are fond of filter coffee, probably the only place in Pune where you get a pure filter coffee.

Hope you have good time at all the places mentioned above. This is it from my Pune food book! 🙂

I remember cribbing about the bank balance after going through monthly expenses. Every month, the conclusion was that I had to cut down on my hoteling.  My husband always tried to explain me that we don’t always go out just for the sake of eating. Sometimes it’s the company, sometimes the ambiance, sometimes the long lazy talks.

Now today when I write a blog about all those places, I feel nostalgic. Yep! Mr. you were right! After all, it’s about the experience, the memories and a feel that place leaves you with 🙂


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