Every time I hear Piku sarod theme, it strikes a different chord in me. When I watched the movie, I was crying and smiling at the same time. I was so much in the moment and just felt what ‘Piku’ must have felt. The sadness, the emptiness, loneliness and still acceptance of the situation. Whatever happened, has happened for good and  the way it should have happened. And each time after the movie I heard this tune; it took me in past and left salty smile on my face.

I go back to school days when Sundays were meant to be family days. I used to wake up with Bhupali played so loudly in the living room that I could hear it in bedroom. On top of it Ajoba had to hear news on radio, again loudly because he had trouble in listening and in such chaos Mom made breakfast, all frustrated and would not even utter a word. 🙂

The day used to continue with meaningless fights between dad and Ajoba on where to plant a little sapling or to where to keep the dog or how a torn shirt should not be worn or how a 65 year old should not travel alone after 7. The same duo will then wait for each other so that they can have lunch together. Mom would cook vegetarian food for Ajoba/her/me and special non vegetarian delicacies for Dad.Sunday special meals you see! It used to be one grand meal and almost every Sunday. Then, a Brahmin old man would enjoy his part of the meal with pure non vegetarian man sitting just opposite to him. Mind it! No mention of the morning arguments by any of them. Then comes the evening and these guys will go back to square one. New topic for arguments , new discussions and old camaraderie!

Day used to start with chaos and end in chaos. The chaos which was so beautiful than today’s silence! Here is where I learnt how it is perfectly fine to agree to disagree. How a relationship is based on a mutual respect, trust and unconditional love and not expectations or ego. The love was beyond the limits of age or cast. I have seen a son in law taking care of a father in law and vice versa. The connection was not because of the daughter but the love for pets, for nature, sometimes for music, for literature and beyond everything, for humanity. And I was quite lucky to witness the magic of affection which was more in gestures than words!

I have grown up believing in such friendships. Most it has been inherited from my parents. Those who know my family will know how big is the social circle of each one of us. This takes me back to Pune days.The huge bachelor pad -3BHK in balewadi, Pune! A home where each one’s privacy was maintained and still everyone was together. A home where there was no dearth of laughter or nonsense chatters or unheard music. We only longed for the actual efforts to do anything. 8 people and each one would wait for other to make even a single cup of tea. Even if someone volunteers, he would only make tea but not bring milk. Then the discussions would go in loop for the next activity. The laziness was respected. Nobody ever felt the need to go out for shopping, clubbing, trekking (a taboo word in the group). Even if anybody felt it, it was made sure that he/she doesn’t utter it next time. Arguments, discussions, gyanbazi filled this home. This was my second home! My happy place!

I might not have touched your heart with this post. You might not relate to it, because this one is not meant for you. This one is for the people in my small world. People who know my family and my friends and for the people who understand what the 1.44 second tunes can do to me!


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