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How I miss Pune!

Oh Yes! I do miss Pune for like infinite reasons. Top 3 being friends, weather and food! As much as I enjoy exploring food joints, cuisines, restaurants, I miss Pune – My Food Bhumi. I was more of a “Mein maa k hath ka hi khana khati hu” type of girl back in hometown. Of course the reason being that she is an amazing cook. I guess, I had tried only Chinese, Indian recipes and homemade junk food while I was home. The ambience, feel good factor of a restaurant didn’t even exist in dictionary at that time. It always came down to family dinners! (Now, when I think of it, I even haven’t had that in loooong time) 😦

Anyways, the point is Pune gave me platform to explore the world of food. Right from breakfast to dessert, this city offers hell lot of popular options. And now that I have left the city, I think of all those places that came to my rescue in craving times and gave me delicious memories to cherish.

So,here are some of my personal recommendations. You might try and let me know if you enjoyed what I am missing right now 😉

  1. Yolkshire

Usually if you are in Pune, the recommended places for breakfast are Vaishali, Wadeshwar or Rupali on F C Road. Now while I am not against waiting for 1-1.5 hours and starving for the first meal of the day, why not try other options?

The place is especially for egg-itarians but let me assure you ,vegetarians will also have a ball here.  Yolkshire offers you wide range of recipes from different corners of world and all made of egg.  The egg combination with variety of vegetables and meat is a must try. Apart from sandwiches, burgers, toasts and egg combo dishes, they serve pancakes and waffles as well. A treat for vegetarians I must say!

The restaurant was at walking distance from my home and I remember going there just for the tea as I wait for office bus in the morning. All you chai freaks don’t miss to have one.

The restaurant is not much spacious and has 8-10 tables only.  But, gives you good view being road side. Once, the food is on table, I am sure you won’t bother about other petty things. Be their guest and enjoy Sunday breakfast little different this time!

It is NOT recommended for people who are looking for better ambiance in a restaurant than the taste.

Make a note:

  • Parking is usually available roadside.
  • Personal favorite : masala chai, waffles and Spaniard’s breakfast
  • Meal : breakfast/brunch
  • Reasonably priced. Quantity served is proportionate to the price.

20, Karishma Society, Off Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune

Find it here:
Yolkshire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  1. Tareef

This is basically recommended for CHICKEN lovers. The chicken is cooked so well that it actually melts in your mouth. They serve you with the most delicious Mughalayi dishes.  The paneer (vegetarians savior) delicacies too are made with soft and fresh paneer you would have never had in any restaurant before. So, yes you can have vegetarian company. Still, I would say the joy of sharing the feeling of finger licking with a non-vegetarian is incomparable. I hope you get what I mean!

The place is little pricey but trust me once you taste the food, every penny is worth.  I have been here countless times and have fallen in love with almost every dish I tasted.  Right from the onions in salad, papad chutney to shahi Tukda and paan. Please please please don’t miss the paan after dinner.  I am not quite a kabab lover but they say the place is known for kababs too. You may try!

Moving on to ambiance and interesting things but food, all you ladies out there, you will love the cutlery used here.  The brass utensils add an edge to the rustic ambiance.   The minimal interior design (no flashy light, no artificial flowers, no pretentious art frames), music and limited seating arrangement gives a cozy feel.

I could not think of category of people for whom the place is NOT recommended. You can go here with friends, family, formal dinner, girlfriend, boyfriend! It is for everybody.

Make a note:

  • Do not serve alcohol though you can try lassi or shorba
  • Parking is usually not a problem. You will get place nearby.
  • Recommended to reserve place if planning to go on weekend.
  • Personal favorite : Achari murg, murg kalimirch, palak shorba, shahi tukda
  • Meal : lunch/dinner
  • Little pricey
  • Go to Pimple saudagar,if you have bigger group. The place is much much spacious than the one in Aundh. ( I have not been to Kharadi restaurant yet)


  • 1, Shyamal Apartments, Next to Ozone, ITI Road, Aundh, Pune
  • EON IT Park, Kharadi, Pune
  • Shop 173/1 & 2, Shivsai Road, Near Lotus Hospital, Pimple Saudagar, Pune

Find it here:
Taareef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  1. Mini Wok

My roomie took me to this place for the love of Chinese cuisine we share. Let me tell you I was so disappointed looking at the place. It is not even a restaurant. It is just a small canteen like joint. I tried to be patient, let her order and trusted her till the food is served. Patience paid off!! The best Thai and Chinese food I ever had in my life.
As I said, the place has hardly 5-6 tables and kitchen visible from all the tables. So, it is NOT recommended for romantic date or hang outs. The place is for foodies who would love to enjoy authentic Chinese/Thai food.

Make a note:

  • Parking is available roadside.
  • You might have to wait for 10-15 minutes in case the place is full
  • Personal favorite : Bulgogi chicken, garlic burnt rice and stir fried corn, broccoli and water chestnut
  • Meal : lunch/dinner
  • Reasonably priced. Quantity served is proportionate to the price (if not ambiance).
  • People usually prefer ‘take away’ service as place is too small to sit

7, Charu Chandra Apartments, Next to OM Super Market, Model Colony, Pune

Find it here:
Mini Wok Oriental Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  1. Bashos

One of my friends recommended the restaurant 3 years back and now whenever I meet him, there is only one place we go to – Bashos

If you are looking for a relaxed evening after a hectic week or want to hang out with friends or wish to plan a romantic dinner, THIS is the place. The other thing which adds to the ambiance is the Indian seating arrangement. Take off your shoes and be home!

Food even though not very yummy will surely not disappoint you.  Bashos will definitely surprise you with the wall decor or music and of course in a good way J

By the way, if you are looking for formal dinner to a posh place then this is NOT recommended. It is purely for chill hangouts!

Make a note:

  • Serves alcohol
  • Parking available
  • Recommended to reserve place if planning to go on weekend.
  • Personal favorite : Chicken Chilly
  • Meal : dinner
  • Reasonably priced

Dharkari Colony, Ahead of Koregaon Park Annexe, Off Mundhwa Road, Mundhwa,      Pune

Find it here :
Basho's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  1. Zaika Spice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!! After having sumptuous dinner, we are too full to go for a desi or chocoalate desserts. What we need is an ice cream!

Now, you must have had all the fruit flavors in most pure form at Naturals (ice cream parlor) let’s try something different. How about nutmeg or black pepper or thandai or elaichi! You are offered about 15 something never heard flavors of ice cream at Zaika. You can taste all of them and then order the one you feel like trying. Yes, they are quite generous! Also, if you are not happy with the spice ice creams, Zaika has common flavors like chocolate, kesar mango and kulfi too. So, you will definitely not be disappointed.

There is only one person who manages store and is very polite. You will also love the dried banana ice cream bowls. (Ladies, this one was for you!)

The place is difficult to spot. It is actually a corner in the building with other two restaurants (Parichay and Shabaree) Nonetheless, you will have enough space to sit and enjoy.

Zaika has really made efforts to carve niche in ice cream industry with all the unique flavors which others never thought of launching.  5/5 for the flavors, service and ice cream bowls. 🙂

It IS recommended for all the ice cream lovers. You should at least try the varieties once.

Make a note:

  • Parking is not available. You better use valet parking of Hotels where you had dinner and then walk down for ice cream
  • Personal favorite : Nutmeg and Thandai
  • Meal : Dessert
  • Definitely cheaper that other ice cream brands

1199/1A, FC Road, Pune (Hotel Parichay and Hotel Shabaree building)

Find it here:
Zaika Spice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So next time you are in Pune, try and go to these places. Give it a shot! You never know we might cross each other. 😉


16 thoughts on “How I miss Pune!

  1. Everytime someone writes anything nice about the beautiful city of Pune, it makes my day. Love this city a lot !
    Have tried most of the suggested places and the blogger is right – they are simply awesome places..Yummm !!!
    The weekend is almost here and I will be there to try rest of the places…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Too good. Makes you want to go back.
    Its so true that, once you are Pune-ite, no matter where you go, you are always a Pune-ite at heart.
    You are spot on at about the recommended restaurants and food joints.
    Ahhh miss those days.
    Thank you for this. Keep writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Too good.
    Makes you wanna go back.
    Spot on about the recommendations too.
    So tru, that once you are a Pune-ite, no matter where you go, you are always a Pune-ite at heart.
    Thank you for this read Pallavi. Keep Writing! 🙂


  4. Beyond the taste, its an avenue that brings the best buddies together. Though we havent been together to most of these places, I am nostalgic about all the good times we shared together and over food.

    Come back to Pune. It deserves you. Long live food, Pune and our ties…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nice one pallavi, I am here in Pune since last 1 year but I never visited those places. As you recommend sure will try those delicious food.I am also good food lover.


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