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Trekking our way to 2018

What do you need to successfully complete a trek? or to make it sound fancy, “to summit the mountain”? Well, I would say, Firstly –Courage Yes! It starts with this, agree or not. Courage to join a trekking group when you are completely aware that you have zero fitness level. You might have been avid… Continue reading Trekking our way to 2018

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Since the day we started the trip till today- when it’s been 4 days that we are back- I kept thinking about the start of this post. I wanted it to be interesting or a little funny, basically something different than my usual style. I am afraid, I couldn’t come with anything intriguing. So, I… Continue reading Hampi


That’s what I will miss about Chennai!

Hello lovely readers! It’s been a month for me to be away from Mon Odysseys and you all. I missed you too 🙂 But I had good enough reasons to do so and don’t worry I will be coming up with some interesting posts soon. So, though you hardly had any updates from me ,… Continue reading That’s what I will miss about Chennai!

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Land of Lama

‘Land of lama’, ‘Mini Tibet’,’Little Lhasa’,’Mc Lo’is how  Mc Leod Ganj is known to people. Mc Lo is hardly 5 kms from Dharmshala, a hill station in kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. It’s totally evident why the place gives the feel of Tibet. The shopkeepers, hotel staff, restaurant owners, street stuff sellers, cab drivers,monks everybody around… Continue reading Land of Lama

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Greetings from Greece

It’s been a year and I have been postponing to write about our first together trip abroad. How procrastinating a person can be! Well, thanks to my plan for a month, at least I am able to complete my pending posts. 🙂 So, before memories fade away and I lose my notes made while planning… Continue reading Greetings from Greece

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New laws of Life

This post is dedicated to all the stereotypical Indian families with narrow-minded  or a little open-minded or complete orthodox mentality. I totally understand the path to successful life according to YOU School -> College -> Job -> Marriage -> Baby -> House  or House first then Baby then repeat! Baby’s School -> Baby’s College -> Baby’s… Continue reading New laws of Life

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Have plan, will Travel!

What’s more interesting about the vacation than the destination ?  For most of you it will be the  company you are going with, may be the shopping before and during the trip or may be photography bit of it. For me , it’s the planning! We have been planning our trips from day 1. Be… Continue reading Have plan, will Travel!

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Tea gardens and much more!

When we were planning the trip to Munnar, I knew that, I would come back and write a post about it. It has been a major driving force for my travels these days. It feels great going back in time with words. So, this time as well, I knew it would happen. However, I thought, I would… Continue reading Tea gardens and much more!

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As a new day starts, you welcome a day by not opening your palms and chanting ‘karagre vasate’ (a Sanskrit shlok) but by a touch on the ‘f’ icon on the phone. A few scrolls down or may be a scroll down on timeline and you come across posts like, “10 places to visit before… Continue reading Vagabonding

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Gone are the days when we used to wait for occasions to go shopping. Those were the days when markets overflowed before festivals. Family shopping was a ritual which was strictly followed during festivals and of course for birthdays. Now, we shop for any small reason or even for no reason. Shopping is treated as… Continue reading Aabhushan


And where is the world’s second largest mangrove?

Disclaimer: Dear readers, this post has no thought provoking statements or touching experiences or any amazingly written paragraphs. This post is just a record of an impromptu trip to an interesting place I recently have been to. Let’s get to the point now! We all have heard about and are already impressed with Pondicherry. The amazing… Continue reading And where is the world’s second largest mangrove?


Live and let live!

  It all started with my friends buying homes. We are not even in our 30s and thanks to big fat salaries, onsite opportunities and of course parents’ support guys and gals are taking a leap in life. They are able to enjoy achievements which our parents experienced in late 30s or 40s. I remember… Continue reading Live and let live!


Offbeat Kodai

Karuna farms as name suggests is not a farm house! It’s a community. Yes, that’s what they call it. It is a community of people who come to a valley to relax, to trek, to practice yoga or just rejuvenate oneself. We went there just for a weekend and it feels like a week-long break.… Continue reading Offbeat Kodai

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An unusual pact!

5:00 AM One of those times when you wake up in the morning and inadvertently open face book and with winky eyes scroll down the timeline. I stopped at this one point and was lost in nostalgia. Thereafter, not sure when went back to sleep. My unconscious mind had already started on a trail of… Continue reading An unusual pact!

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Home away from home

I came to Ooty for vacation and landed up in my dream home. Wonder how? Well, I am not talking about Ooty which is oozing with hotels, restaurants and most ill-mannered constructed houses on the hills. I am talking about a villa, handsomely standing on a hill looking at Nilgiris. I could never recollect all… Continue reading Home away from home

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Why homestays?

Recently, I came across a post by Shivya Nath, a well known travel blogger wherein she talks about power of travel to change us. We keep saying how travelling to new places changes us, it widens our horizons, helps us to become broad minded etc etc. Does it really happen? I have seen so many… Continue reading Why homestays?

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Goa in monsoon

Goa is not a vacation spot but an emotion, a  feeling and it is “to each his own”.  People get sentimental thinking about the first  college trip or first gang trip (secret) or a couple trip (again secret) to the beach paradise. It is one place where people of any age don’t mind going again… Continue reading Goa in monsoon

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Le plaisir

Hi! Yes, after long! Today I am going to tell you what kept me busy for all these days  and that in turn will answer “the most asked question” to me. So, I have been learning French since last 6 months on every weekend. With husband to feed, house to take care of and be… Continue reading Le plaisir

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Mantra for the ladies!

Okay! So I have  to get it out of my system. Yes, I am talking to my near and dear ones and letting out my anger, sometimes surprise and most of  the times opinions but now this deserves a wider audience. Today’s post is a request to all my dear aunties(masi, buva, chachi etc), sisters,… Continue reading Mantra for the ladies!


In my kitchen

I dedicate today’s post to the newbies in cooking, to working women who have to attend s invited ,wanted or sometimes unexpected /uninvited guests on weekdays and to one and all who want to spend time wisely in kitchen. I am not a pro in this field and my tips might come as common techniques… Continue reading In my kitchen

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For the exclusive traveler

For the first time since I started writing travelogues publicly, I was hesitant to share about one of my trips. First, because the places I had been to were so beautiful mainly because they are untouched. Untouched by commercialization,by chain of roadside  restaurants or cafes or shops and then the crowd and of course the garbage which… Continue reading For the exclusive traveler

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Miles to run before I sleep

“Run Pallu , run. ‘Brisk walking’ as you call it is not doing any good. You are not some retired person  not to be able to run.” My friend has kept on bugging me for a few years now.  My usual response has always  remained the same,” I can’t. I just can’t run. I can… Continue reading Miles to run before I sleep


Bangalore Diaries

6 months in the city and I find myself eligible to write a post on Bangalore. I have so much to share and hence you might feel this post is a random blabber in a coffee shop. Anyways, so I was not new to Bangalore. My then boyfriend and now husband did MBA here so… Continue reading Bangalore Diaries